Saturday, December 5, 2009

Do 12 sound better than 10?

The government, ‘who cared for the Chinese and Indian community and do not want to lose the communities native tongues’, had finally decide that next year SPM students are allowed to take 12 maximum subjects. Which the results would only based on 10 subjects.

To me, there’s no big difference, only I now get the chance to take back Chinese, why!? and English Literature, would Pn. Lim allow me to do that?

OF course, this means that we will have to reregister ourselves next year, I THINK. Hmmm… I wonder how things go for the people who wish to take Accounts or Economics or both but have to drop it when the government set the SPM subjects taken is 10. I mean, according to the school authorities, if one does not take account classes during F4, one can not apply for Account exam during SPM.

Let’s see how things play out by themselves, should we?