Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Smell is Killing Me!

You totally won’t believe it. The English Language Society is more like The Society of Weirdoes, nowadays. Take no offence, most of them are except for a few who are sane and it has TOTALLY NOTHING to do with me.

God you wont’ believe it. We have:

- A group of lower forms who can’t even UNDERSTAND English.

I don’t understand these people. What for you join a society which you can’t even communicate with each other? What do expect us to do? Teach you English and Grammar? Or you want us to teach you how to pronounce an English word? Jeez, these people.

- A teacher’s son, whose name I shall not mention because I don’t know it myself, who speaks like a cartoon character whom I can not remember.

If it’s like SpongeBob, I MIGHT be able to accept it; But No~, it has to be voice which is totally annoying + irritating. I do not have the most melodious voice in the world but that sound just stuck in your head for 3 or 4 hours once you heard it. Nightmare.

Not only the voice, he is making jokes which no one is laughing except for himself. *speechless*

- To make things worse, a F5 student who is 10 times worse than the person in just mentioned. Not forgetting, he is sensitive, aggressive and, possibly, mentally ill. Sheesh. Talking to him is like talking to a bottomless pit + tape recorder---no response + repeated complaints.

Not a proper response that is. I once took pity in him but he chooses self-destruction. Well, what can I do right?

He’s going to say complain the same things over and over and over again.
e.g. “I’m just pretending to be happy.”
“I was never happy for my 5 years in school.”

God! Shut up will you!

To make things clear, crystal clear, honestly, genuinely, literally clear before all of you are getting ideas. IT IS NOT MY DAMN FAULT! I didn’t even know these people are coming. When I first met them, I was totally stupefied by it.

Dark days for me.