Saturday, June 19, 2010


Iven and Nicole got tattoos now… ARRRGGGHHH!!! Jealous~ (= 3 =)

Met them during Sunday (a long long time ago Sunday). They asked me to join them for the Youth thingy. I know is a long time a story but I've just got the time, OK. Anyway, I haven’t got the time, so I asked them to join me at Leisure Mall. Blah, Blah, Blah, they showed their tats, which they got it at the convention.

Tiny as it is from my phone’s image, it’s still nice. Iven’s tats IS seriously small. No offence. Nic’s still OK, OK. Wonder how her mother is going to react when she found out.

Darn I want one. Naturally, my parents will be as paranoid as Nicole’s mother IF they found out. Not that I got one already. I’ve been dying to get one since I watched a show. Long story. I even thought out the design I want, where I want it and everything.

Since they got it, I’ve a place I have to go after my SPM, the tattoo shops at Sg. Wang. Hehehe… Don’t know what’s the price YET.