Friday, August 13, 2010

waiting, watching and laughing

14/8 - Yesterday, another number of students fall victim our school’s Sweeney Todd (John a.k.a. MJ by Prefects). He and his razor are taking over the school by starting a new regiment of military hair style----- very short hair. They/He wanted to start a new ‘custom’ of same hair-style tradition in the school. The new Head Boy candidates are the first to join the ‘regiment’ as a sign of support and exemplary. The ‘campaign’ (spot-check) has started yesterday and will continue for another 2 days.


Thank Heaven’s I’m F5 this year. School is as Hell as ever *eyes rolling*. Now the teachers are giving out our Testimonial marks, more reason for the ‘pet dogs/shoe-shiner’ to be a goody-goody.

Did I mention that the class next door 5S2-1 has gone racist issue with their class teacher during carnival day? Therefore their testimonial marks… Hehehe…

Moving with MY blog, due to tests, ‘magic’ modem and boring school, I haven’t been blogging. Of course, my ‘lame + imbecile + idiotic + bitch fucking + whose-brain-is-not-any-smarter-than-the-least-evolved-creature twin’ has been ‘kindly’ taking my job in Cbox.

So everyone can either pay no attention to him/her/it or just play around with to him/her/it if you guys like.

Anyway, I can’t wait to finish my SPM now. The torturous waiting is killing me slowly.