Thursday, February 24, 2011

To the cinema...alone...again

Hello all, miss me? (Who would?) As much as I want to say I’m living my life, I’m not. In the past, it’s studying and studying and studying. Now is working and working and working. Lovely, isn’t it. Despite there were some good times (Hi Mel, Nikki, Iven,...), they’re all gone.

Moving on, went to watch Sanctum today.

If you like some adventures with people dying every 10 minutes, this would be your must-watch-movie. Overall, this is an OK movie. I won’t highly recommend it, still within the acceptable range though. The plot is OK going. The only really 18 part is just the dumb bitch cutting off her ear while the expert told her not to. Ah well, that’s why she’s dumb, right? I’m trying not to reveal too much about the movie. Spoilers right? I'm watching in 2D though. It might make a diffrence in 3D.

Saw a couple of people today. Not the well-know type but ok enough to greet each other. Went online to watch the official trailer of Rango though. Ahh, the voice of Johnny Depp is just right for the character.

Wonder what happened to Nic. Haven’t heard from her from Melbourne yet.

Hey Mel, ich bin ernsthaft erwägt deutschen Klassen. Ich fand jemanden, der als gut, aber RM700 interessiert ist, den Grundkurs abgeschlossen. Du denkst, ich sollte sie nehmen?

PS: Correct me Mel.

PPS: I know I'm pathetic