Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Sh!t! Fncking fnck fnck fnck! Why do siblings have to be so annoying and such a pain in the a$$. !@#$%^&*......"

Pardon me for the profanity. Not the way I imagine I'll be typing away again. It has been ages since I have the flare to write again. Sh!t dude. I mean gosh. Unlike the older days, words just come and go easily. Now, I need emotional distress to write even a single sentence (Since when I became so womanish).

With exam creeping ever closer (sh!t! fnck!), the motivation to even open a book gets lower. ( Lazy gene...... so overpowering) To think the mountain of unfinished work is simply overwhelming. It is easier to play dumb and ignore the problem (coward? Definitely). Funny thing is I know I'll regret it later and the problem will just come back to haunt me (Aaarrrggghhh!).

Should I blame anyone for this? Sure, the whole world. But I know myself that I'm the problem. Weird plus cuckoo. Deal with the problem? Too bad. No manual and due to my extreme laziness, I prefer to take the easy way out (I'm such a pansy).

Ah well, that's that. D@mn, I can literally see time slipping past my fingers like grains of sand. Time to procrastinate.