Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Julius Ceasar LIVE in SMKTC Ep.1

To those who take Big L (Literature) for SPM, you will surely came in contact with the book Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.

To those who DID NOT take Big L, here's a short synopsis until the part where Mr. Caesar was assassinated, murdered or watever you want to call it as long as the word describe Caesar dead.


Julius Caesar is a praetors in Rome. He is famous for winning many wars. His fame increases when he defeated Rome's ex-Republican, General Pompey. During the Feast of Lupercal, it's reveal that Caesar has the desire to become a king. 8 Senators who are afraid and hated Julius Caesar planned an assassination/murder. They fear that once Caesar is gifted with absolute power, he will become a dictator or a tyrant. They 'poisoned' Brutus's mind. Brutus who is one of Caesar's most trusted person is convinced that killing Caesar is for the Grater Good. Although Caesar was forewarn by a soothsayer, his wife and a group of wise men, he still went for the meeting with the Senators. 9 of them, including Brutus, killed Caesar in front of the other Senators.

In our beloved, SMKTC, the choosing of the 'future generations of leaders', who are prefects (obviously) is done. The 'Senators' (Seniors) has a fear that one the Prefect (let's call he/she X) will cause some trouble in the school once Prefect X is elected, although Prefect X got guts & a few uncanny talents. Therefore, They 'murdered' Prefect X by NOT putting his name in one the 'future generations of leaders' name list.

So as you can see, The 'Senators' in our school made the same decisions as the Senators in Julius Caesar made - 斩草除根, 'destroy' the 'harm' before it do anything... Now the 'harm' a.k.a. Prefect X a.k.a. Julius Caesar is taking a looong 'vacation' to 'clear his/her mind and extract himself'herself from the Mundane. Stay tuned for the next episode of Julius Caesar LIVE in SMKTC...

PS: Everything written inside here is just from my personal view.
PPS: Entertainment usage only.
PPPS: No offences meant.


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