Sunday, June 28, 2009

( \ * / ) Prt 2

Long I've waited for a reply...
Well, it came...
Now I'll answer your question one-by-one...

1.Who said it’s a slight mistake?

-You do realised we lived in a free country right... We are allowed to speak our thoughts, opinion or comments if we didn't cross The Limit... Why do YOU think he is doing a wrong thing by commenting a whole class in HIS OWN BLOG = His own private space = His 'kingdom'? Maybe he had outspoken, BUT who are you that gives you the right to make his life miserable?

2. How dare u used the word 'a'?

-I believe so far his MOST serious case which rated him the MOST HATED PERSON IN 4S1 is his comments in his blog... Cases such as forgetting to inform the class, denying his responsibilities, etc.etc. I believe will be counted as MINOR cases and expected to happen since you've rated him as THE WORSE MONITOR EVER...

I know what happened during that day, the day of electing the monitor, you people just 'throw' 'the ball of monitor responsibility' to NEW guy, who DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the running of our school. The class (I believe) still got a loads more people with the quality of Leadership. Since you people voted Him as your class monitor, therefore you have suffer the consequences...

So, you can't complaint...

3. ...this class detested him, whose problem?

-Still your problem, perhaps you've heard of 一传十,十传百,百传千,千传万, one detest him and the person 'spread' the 'disease' to the others. In a proper term, this is known as the wave effect. Then, the 一人传虚,万人传实 theory kicks in. Therefore, this 'disease' is spread in other people's ear where the statement is NOT the truth...

4. How can u simply write anything without further investigation?

-Oh yes, I did do an investigation. An investigation that must be unknown. I won't be as STUPID as an ASS to post or publish ANYTHING without clear investigation. As a good news , the investigation tells me a lot of things, things where only an insider will know...

5. U dunno a thing do u?

-Oh no...No,no,no,no,no.... I know A LOT more than YOU think I know... A magician will not reveal his/her secret to ANYONE unless is someone he/she can trust... Since I don't have any people that I can 300% trust in them, therefore, NO ONE in or out of the school know what I know...

6. How can u blame entirely to the class?

-You, for heaven's sake, have went to school when you're 4-5 years old... You should have know that one acts as a class. One's deed is a class's fame, while one's crime is a class's shame... Especially when you're in the 'most elite class of Form 4'. So you still can't complain when I 'blame' the whole class, I'm just 'following the crowd'...


ㄨ✖【雨音 こう】✖ㄨ said...

thanks for the song..
It'll be hard for me to forget it..
I dont think I can do it..
Time Is the Medicine..
But I dont know..
He's someone really special 2 me..
I jz couldt forget him..
I cant..

Im dying..
Im dying..

ChiN YunG 景荣 said...

U answered my questions very well.

But perhaps. Not a satisfying one.
Let me jump back to the 5th question dear Chern Wei
Action speaks louder than words. I guess you knew that. Hoho. U seemed like his very very best friend. But how could u prove u know more than me? We were classmates. And u r? Hoho... haven’t done yet. Ur magician theory is true. But too bad my friend, one cant judge the book by its cover. U said u know a lot, let me ask u. What u know? I tell u, I even have the experience to stay overnight with him. Lol. U noe him better just bcoz he came to u a lot. Don’t make my toes laugh. Let me tell u. Judge by ur eyes and of course with true heart. Not only just a pair of ears.

4th question.
An investigation that must be unknown. What a weak evidence to support ur stance. U should really join debate team next year to get yourself well trained before posting anything like an ‘ASS’ without further investigation. I can say, u , know nothing but just splitting out words with without sources and trying to avoid my questions by keeping ALL THE THINGS as secrets , like magician. Come on! Don’t be a fool!

3rd question
Waoh! Ridiculous answer until u may fail in ur test paper if u ever answer like this. Not to do this u noe, boy? How u say it is spread? As I mentioned in my blog before, I always stood by him even though influenced by his ex schoolmate until one day I witnessed his attitude. U can assume Connaughtians are all stupid idiotic to believe ppl easily.But, what if his OWN SCHOOLMATES detest him until he came to this lovely piece of Connaught land ? Trying to get new friends and rebuild his image, he shifted to this school. Oh. We trusted him so much until we selected him. Coz we all judge book by cover!Your wave effect.. Hmm... I guessed if I tell 1000 or even 10000 ppl by saying , eh, Chern wei’s dad is OBAMA BARACK! I think they will just turn me a deaf ear. Chern Wei, u r too innocent and the only one to believe that ur dad is Obama since u believe in ur theory so much. We Chinese dun learn only one proverb, but plenty.

ChiN YunG 景荣 said...

2nd question
The word a—according to Oxford Dictionary.. is referring to a singular noun. And why u talk about his most serious case. If u cant answer, don’t answer. !st, we chose him because we have faith in him. But this didn’t mean that once we chose him, we can’t complain. Who can foresee the future? No one! We have the right to regret, don’t we? Even the people who possess leadership can have a mistake in choosing. What u mean? R u trying to tell me once Malaysian choose Barisan National as government, we should remain silent although they gave bribes, not responsible?
And if u r too lenient to say all those are minors cases. 星星之火可以燎原 .Even u r bad in Chinese, I believe u noe what this mean. I think u r smart to enough what I implied. If u don’t, u r most welcomed to ask Miss Woon or ... me.
So I say u know nothing.AbSOLUTELY NOTHING!!
Who says I hated him because of the words in his blog? I left my words of motivation and explanation without any hatred. But this guy DID not Apppreciate and Condemned me sarcastically. He’d done nothing wrong in blogging since it is his kingdom but he shouldn’t condemn! If U still think he’s right, then I would just say I am right too, in condemning him in my private space.
Oh.. Here comes the last question- 6th
First, I went school when I was 6. Not 4 or 5 like normal kids. Just trying to clarify.
Ok. There are a lot of proverbs in this world from every dynasty. And I always disagree with this idiotic proverb--one acts as a class. One's deed is a class's fame, while one's crime is a class's shame... It’s not a rational deed. Can I say, when ur aunt killed a person and got imprisoned, U and ur family should be blamed as well? So I say, u loves idioms and proverbs. But sometimes u r too easily influenced and cant judge by your own . I dun say anything without understand entirely about a thing. But I can say u r . Easily influenced by proverbs and one’s word.
In ancient world in China, when one commited a crime, everyone who is closed to that particular person has to die including family members and teachers though they were innocent. So that how ONE ACTS AS A CLASS comes! But in this modern world, modern people know it’s not true so u dun see when ur aunt kills a person, ur dad and mum are imprisoned too! That the difference! Same thing to my 4S1. Who are you to blame the 39 ? Ask yourself or the world.
Suggestion : Be a modern one. ^^

P/S : I am not here to fight but clarify. Any of your reply will not be entertained. I do not want to hurt his feeling since I am okay with him. But he intends to leavem his choice. Pls do not bring sensitive issue. Although its your kingdom, doent mean that u can say words without INVETIGATION simply towards the window of ur palace, master of this blog.