Monday, June 1, 2009

*Yawn* What boring 1st week holiday...

OK I don't know what the HELL am I writing all the time... The truth, is I not used to writing short-EMO-like messages and I don't know why I did that... Never mind back to the main point.

Ok let's see, 1st things first:


Like every single exam I've taken in my secondary life, I DON'T study. Wakaka... Ok, don't get the wrong meaning when I say I DON'T study, it doesn't meant I literally did not study, I study IT the day before I take the EXAM... Creepy eh... Now like every exam, wait for the results to come out... Can't wait *sarcastically

10 subjects

When I heard it from the NTV7 evening News, I was surprised + shocked + angry. I mean how much we (students) what to study is our own business what, why our 'clever' Minister of Ed. have to do such 'clever' plan? Now, a lot students dreams crashed + crushed + disintegrated + turned into dust and flowed with the wind because of IT. Now I have to choose between BC, EST or English Literature. My BC stinks like HELL but my mother wants me to continue my Chinese. I don't know my standard in EST & English Literature but I enjoy the lessons. So, I'm quite in a dilemma right now. My EST & English Literature teacher in another hand tell us no to worry until the school receive " BLACK & WHITE "

Holiday plans

Hooray*I suppose... I'm going to Penang!!! Which I've been there like, I don't know, A LOT of times...