Monday, November 30, 2009

The Fates are pitiless...

Just a few moment ago i received news that my grandfather had just passed away. In a few hours time I'll be back to Malacca. I'm afraid I can't joined you guys (Mel,Iven,Nicole) when you finished your SPM...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I see ‘seafood’ everywhere.

Talking about Plaza Low Yat, BEFORE I entered the building, my God, the people on the street are the type of, what me, Mel and Iven will say as, ‘seafood’ people. In another word, lala.

Ok, maybe not that much, because I can see some other styles which still screams ‘weird’ in my face. Not just that, the whole Plaza is ‘crawling’ with this kind of ‘stylish’ promoters and shoppers.

Unfortunately for me, I referred it as an unfortunate, my 4th uncle’s sons, my cousins, also followed this fashion that, I don’t know how or why, ‘ruled’ the minds of most teens. I mean, they wear nothing more than flip-flops and, if I’m not wrong, sandals, which is combined by clothing that require PROPER SHOES.

I don’t know about you guys, but to me,

stripped long sleeves + jeans + flip-flops = DISGUSTING!

I don’t what’s happening to the world of fashions these days, I don’t to care and I do pray to the Gods above that none of my brothers are going down this path and so am I…

PS: Not that I hate the people who wore them, it’s just that I don’t like the way they dresses themselves.

A day in the Plaza

At last, I’ve finally know what Plaza Low Yat looks like. I’ve heard of this Plaza’s name for numerous times in the mouth of the people who do computers. Whenever they mentioned the name, I was like What? Where’s that?

Although I went to the place, I can’t say I enjoyed it. Crowded place, many people, mountain people mountain sea, one phrase that describe all, NOT my place.

Well, you must be wondering, why did this guy went there, if he doesn’t like the place? Well the answer to the question is, my brother, Standard 6, needed a new phone. So my father brought him there to choose one. I, tagged along to see what kind of place is that and to ask for the prices of some phone accessories I wanted.

Gone there, seen there, hate there.

Phone accessories, my father say the price is to expensive. So, you know la…

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The word of the day...

The word of the day, more likely the holidays, is sienz.

Sienz: Fattening oneself, staring at the wall or ceiling, gibberish and growth of plantation on body parts.

And yep that's all for me during the holidays. At least until the Form 5's finish their SPM. Then it'll be 2 weeks of totally wild fun, i hope... Then it'll be all SPM pressure.

Haiz... Now is just rotting myself away in my house...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Lol. I don’t even know why I name this post like that. Yea, maybe Iven is right. This holiday did make go loonier than ever. Nothing to do except attending tuition and fattening myself (eat + sleep). I won’t be surprise that I’ll turn into a beach ball when the others see me when they finished their SPM exam.

There’s no where to go during the hols… My father got transferred to BJ’s hometown, Kuala Kubu Baru a.k.a. KKB. Don’t even want to know where that place is, don’t want care. God, luckily my father didn’t decide to move the whole family there. Or else, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen to me. Bored to death I supposed and yes, I’ve visited the place. Last Saturday in fact. Call me a city boy if you want, but gosh, that place is as interesting as my home’s front porch.

Anyway, I’ve nothing to do this month until the beginning of December. After the starting the month of December, my timetable will be tighter than ever before.

Haiz… Sienz… Wish got something to do…

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad dream or Clairvoyance

Yester-night, I had a very horrible dream or ‘vision’ or… I don’t know! I saw that 1 of the Drama Members is dead. He died 3 times. Different ways of dying. It’s gruesome! Horrible! I love every Drama team members like a brother or sister… I do not know whether to tell him or not. He might think that I’m losing my losing marbles or something… What should I do?

Blogging rules?

When you see the title, it doesn’t mean that blogging rocks and stuff. It’s about the rules and regulations of blogging. My guess of your first impressions is What the fuck is this? Since when blogging have rules? Well then, that was actually my first expression as well. After I kept on reading the ‘rules’, its more like a guide line than the school’s rules and regulations.

Rule No. 1: Keep it simple

Easy enough to be broken. As they said, rules are meant to be broken. If there is any Blogging Police Force, I’ve already spending my life in jail because I love writing long and complicated sentences.

R2: Always have an angle.

Basically, almost all my posts are from my point of view a.k.a. first point-of-view. Or is it the third? Anyway, it’s quite hard to type a post from another person’s point of view, unless you understand the person very much.

R3: Be neutral/objective.

I find that quite hard to be done. Just take a look in my few previous posts. Ok, the most obvious ones, the Julius Caesar ‘series’. Very non-neutral right?

R4: Do not put yourself in the story.

What! Not to put myself in the story? This is quite impossible. Even by typing this post, I’m already breaking Rule #4.

R5. Use relevant pictures, with proper captions.

I think so. I mean, The Fates are also related to the waxing, waning and the full moon. Proper captions? I don’t think so. I don’t even know what proper captions mean. Maybe I’ll check the dictionary later.

R6: Check, double-check and triple-check your facts.

Well, I did. OK, OK, I don’t deny that sometimes I do get my facts wrong. Yet, when I get my facts right, people still believe that I’m just do rubbish talking. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. I didn’t take a gun and point at your head and say, ‘if you don’t believe me, I’ll shoot you’, right?

R7: Check, double-check and triple-check your spelling.

Lol. I allways do tat. I cheque and 2X cheque and 3X cheque me spelling. Butt they didn say any ting abt grammar, rite?

R8: End with a solid kicker.

‘Kickers’ are the last couple paragraphs in an article. So end it with this:
Have a nice hols!

You can read this article from the Star Two section of yesterday’s (18/11/09) The Star.

When The Fates lead me on...

Have you ever felt that everything happened for a reason? Everything was fated? Written across the stars, only to be known by the people who understand their language. That was my day yesterday.

Yesterday I went to watch the movie 2012.

‘…disaster flick 2012 beat Disney’s A Christmas Carol to top box office…”
- The Star -

Don’t feel bad Mel but Jim Carrey can’t beat the forces of nature. My original plan was to go to JJ and then to LM. Well, I heard they are having sale at JJ. Anyway, Fate had assigned me another course. To LM back to Home and to LM again and back to Home again.

Weird? Confused? Here’s the whole story…

So I went to LM by public bus. The moment I stepped down from Rapid, the rain just came out of nowhere. It’s raining so heavily, it’s like the gods forgot to turn off their water tap!

At that moment I thought, maybe the Fates want me to finish my movie before I went to JJ. So after the movie blah, blah, blah, I went out from the Mall. Oh, I forgot something. When I’m killing time in LM waiting for the movie seating, Fates keep on ‘pulling’ my eyes on to an interesting item. For the records, I went into the shop for three times! The workers inside was staring at me. I bet they are wondering whether I’m there to nick their stuff. That particular item is a perfect Christmas gift for one of my special friends.

Now, back to the story. I went out from the Mall and waited at the bus stop. I said to myself. If The Fates assigned me to go to JJ, bus 65 or U411 will come; If The Fates hope that I go home, bus 62 or U46 will come.

After a while, it seems to me that The Fates wishes me to go home. Unfortunately, my guessing is wrong. Of all the time I took the bus, this time the bus didn’t turn into the housing area where I stay. Instead it went on and on until it’s time for the ‘bus exchange’. Well lucky me. I thought. It seems that I’m very lucky all right. When I’m walking back to my house, which is situated on a hill, in another housing area from the housing area the bus stops, the SAME bus that drop me, pick me up again. Well then, I thought, it seems to me, I’m fated to buy that item for that special friend of mine.

You might think this is far-fetch, but after I bought the item, the bus that took me home, another bus company, turns out to be the bus that turned into the housing area where I’m staying.

Creepy? Coincidence? Far-fetch? Bullshit? Or it’s really The Fates? You decide…

Monday, November 16, 2009


Anyway I keep a countdown timer on when Mel's flying back to Germany. You can find it at the bottom of the page.

Missing Them

Today the sky shed tears for my behalf. In less than two months, I’ll have to forget the exciting the journey I have with the Form 5’s this year. This year, ever since I joined the Drama Team, I’ve met a lot of lovely and interesting people. First time in my school life, I felt sad for the departure of my friends. I’m sure I’ll go EMO for some time next year…

Sitting in the hall alone...
Going down to recess alone…
No one to go out with after school…
No one to go crazy around with…
No one to share my new found ‘retard-ness’…

I realize today that even the days after their SPM are numbered. Too little. Not enough.

I have not learnt enough from them yet. Never enough…

They’ve taught me a lot... More than me or they ever realize, about friends, life in secondary school, having fun, teachers, people, and themselves.


When I first saw you, I knew there’s something different fro the other girls I ever saw in school. You are somehow more special, unique than any of them. You are a hidden star among the others. A star, which I’m sure, will shine more brightly than any other star that glitters across the heavens. Hope that you will remember me. A retarded guy who has the weirdest mind you ever met. Yes, I cannot deny it, I can’t help to like you a tiny little bit. Just a normal friends liking, ok, nothing serious. Don’t worry BJ; I will not take away you Beloved.


With the same opening. When I first saw you in the canteen, when BJ still have a crush on you, my mind WAS set to beware your ‘kind’ of people. I HAD always thought that you are the type person who cares about nothing and love will feed your stomach. Luckily the Drama Team proves me wrong or else I’ll missed meeting with a very charming fellow. You have showed me how far a person would go for love, friend and relationships. You have showed me to never to express one’s feelings. You have showed me the deepest love for a friend a person can give. I think I also have a slight affection towards you. XP. Yet, luckily, now it’s just a pure love for a friend. The deepest I can ever give.


Hmmm… I haven’t realize your ‘presence’ around the others (Melissa and Iven) until I first went out with you ‘guys’. Now, I’ll surely miss your bitchy-ness. It’s a compliment. XP. Actually I don’t a lot to write about you since you share bits of the Others. The carefree-ness, humours are the very few things I found on you and the Others. Naturally, like the others, I also have a love in the friendship we have. A very interesting one indeed.

The three of you are, of course, not the only one that changed my secondary school life this year.

Ace- Your weird sense of humour and taste. This is a good thing.

Adam- My ‘gay’ partner which I’ll miss

Catherine- Your latest ‘plush’, your interesting thinking and *ahem* with *ahem*.

Eric- You is one of the people who taught me something indirectly.

Kaichou- I don’t know your real name but the quarrels we had the best I had. XD

James- Who I call Gabriel’s ‘mentor’. Only more cracking jokes.

Jeremy- Your ‘mature’ and tricky mind with of course your ‘forbidden love’.

Xan- You has also a very charming person to be with.

Any other which I left out, don’t feel offense. I can’t seriously write every single one of you because it’ll take me forever.

One thing for sure is, once all of you had gone your separate ways, the beautiful things that I ever see will also depart…

You’ll find my post hard to understand because I did not know how to express it properly. The main thing is, I’ll miss all of you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Julius Caesar Ep.7

Although it’s titled as Julius Caesar, but it’s consisting about everything they’ve done.

God, don’t start screaming and everything. Although I typed ‘everything they’ve done’, I don’t mean they’ve done a lot in these past few months. It’s just about, ermmm… how should I say this… maybe it can called as the nature of the actions? Never mind, you’ll get what I mean in the end. I hope. Lol.

Ok, ok, ok, actually there isn’t a lot, as far as I know, lol, but a few things which really interest me. =]

One of them is ‘civil war’! WAR! Hooray! Damn, I’m going crazy! Ok, you must be wondering what I mean by ‘civil war’ right? One for sure is, this is SOOO going to bored you out. Well I’ve been keeping a close eye on everything happening since the unexpected happened, BJ becoming the Head Prefect.

Well, one thing obvious, for me, is They are not happy! Lol. Why am I even so happy?! Well, the They I mean here is the students and his fellow colleagues. Ever since his ‘crowning’, most of the students quite agree that his Deputy, Fan of Manchester United, seem to be much more of a HP comparing to him. It’s because, I know it’s quite lame, BJ seem to be much more invisible comparing to the others. No offence here BJ! He seem become an ‘extinct animal’ for he doesn’t appear often in the hall during the, what I called, ‘mini assembly’.

His Deputy SEEMS to be doing all the jobs. But what’s the truth, who knows? BJ MIGHT be doing more than we see or vice versa.

His fellow colleagues have been the most ‘supporting and inspiring’ people I ever SEE. This is what I see, ok. God, their ‘row-call’, damn ‘motivational’. The best I’ve ever heard. Sarcastically. Their team work is SOOO ‘obvious’. Lol. Some try to make a ‘change’ while some try not getting themselves into the deepest shit. Nice. I now learn from them that you can actually have a meeting with just three members! Lol.

Maybe it’s not obvious or my to-far-thinking-misinterpretation, they are fighting among themselves. Well, it’s not like words with words or hands and legs, it’s much more of an influential war. Who has the most influence, wins. Who’s the person, in my opinion, no one more than No. 5 himself.

The next one will be their newly introduced ‘apprenticeship system’. Wow, they are going medieval!

If I’m not wrong, each Head of Group will choose a junior to be the Apprentice. The apprentice will directly learning from the Head themselves. Is it launched yet, alas, my knowledge fails me.

One thing for sure is, it MIGHT raise the feeling of prejudice. Yes, yes, the much more opened-minded juniors will congratulate the one got chosen while SOME will just say the Head will choose their favorite juniors OR the ones with a sweet tongue. Yippee, imagine that. The brilliant person who come up, the one and only---------- Julius Caesar! Applause

Hmmm… any other stuffs they ‘done’, which I did not mention, most probably I forgot about them. Yippee, them. Just one fair warning for any of Them who is reading this, I ALWAYS like to keep an eye on you guys. You guys have the most exciting Drama I ever watched. Maybe that’s why I like to talk, think and look at you people. Damn! I sound so like a stalker…

Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning points

It has been quite a while I type my blog. Lol. Hmmm… most probably that my results sucks so much that I don’t have a heart to type any post. Anyway, the most important thing is I’m back now.

Hmmm… what should I discuss today? Ah, I know! Let’s talk about the turning point of our lives! In this post is likely to be my life. Lol

Do any of you have met something, someone or an incident which changed your life completely? As far as I remember, I’ve met 2 in fact. Both of them are people instead of an incident.

Let’s see the 1st person, Mr. Siew Hao Yang a.k.a. Mr. Santa Siew

1 foot note, as far as I concerned, I consider him as dead and for a good riddance. >] No, no, no, stories aren’t supposed to start from the middle. Let’s go back to the very beginning.

Once upon a time …

Even worse, wrong opening…

Let’s see I know him since Standard 4 and blah, blah, blah. I’ll just cut short the story. He thought me what is a leader supposed to be like. He thought me the importance of knowledge. The most important of all is he thought me the influence a ‘powerful’ person can hold. Hehehe… Maybe this is when I start to thirst for ‘power’. But, that’s a 300 years ago story. It’s just an expression.

Now, after I totally broke off from any binding, I met another person, to be much more specific, a group of people who changed my, what I say, upper secondary life, Form 4.

I can proudly admit myself to be changed by these extraordinary, lovely and excellent people! They are, Melissa, Iven, Nicole, other Drama members and, of course, Pn. Lim. Most influential are still Melissa, Iven and Nicole. Lol.

I mean God, looking back now, shish, I sound so old, this year is my most exciting year of my secondary school life so far. I adapt things, thoughts and habits that totally blow off your mind. There’s too much to be talk and elaborate. Ok, maybe I can elaborate a thing or two. 1 thing for sure is, because of them, I changed! For the better or worse I do not know. It’s for you to judge.

Now, like what typed, one of the many changes is I start to think simple! Lol. Yeah, to tell you the truth, previously, meaning before I resigned, my thinking was SOOO old! It’s a 60 years old mind in me! Yuck! Imagine that! I like to think, what I say before I resigned, ‘far and wide’. Ewww… Meaning I like to make simple things complicated. Hehehe…

Now, since I know the ‘guys’, although it's consist of girls and a gay, no offence, =P I adapt their thinking, simple! I start to realize that, most of the times, simple make things prefect! Lol. I even to take the marks of THIS YEAR’S exam, nothing more than just a few numbers.

Like duh, what for you cry and groan and moan over a few marks? It just makes your life more miserable and unhappy. It’s just like making a choice between accepting the marks happily and grudging over a few marks that makes you an unhappy person.

And this is for the people who like to compare marks BETWEEN classes. I hope at this point, you’ll also think back. If you love that class so much, why don’t you kindly, do us a favor, go to Mr. Wong and apply for a class transfer. Don’t stay in the class to destroy the mood. Yes, it can be taken as a motivation, but it also be taken as an insult which causes any peoples self-esteem to be damage. Shish!

Anyway, I’ve met my turning point. Have you?

I still have many un-type Exile posts. Maybe I’ll type it when I have nothing to type about… lol.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Exile 2.2

So my previous post is about the so called theory ‘your closest friends are your worst enemy’. Hope you are not too tired or bored to keep up with my posts. I apologize for not warning you about the length of my post. So now I’m telling you that this post won’t be any different than the previous one. Meaning it’ll be equally long (for sure), boring (maybe) and full of my opinions (as always).

So today’s topic is,

Artists, Actors, Singers, etc. etc., in another word artisans, are Impractical Dreams.

I do realize when type out the words above, a few people, whom I’ll not name, already got the urge to NOT to visit this blog anymore. Some of them are also my friends which I hold closest in heart. But I hope that You Guys (and girls) will not hasty decision yet. Hear what I have to say then make your choice.

Now let’s begin…

Artisans date way back into history where monarchs ‘hired’ these people gifted in, what I’ll say, The Way of Art to entertain them. ‘The Way of Art’ range for many fields, from Archery to Swordplay and Acrobatics to Poetry and the list just go on and on

Some of the female Gifted Ones, who are skilled in singing, dancing or other art, are rewarded with wealth and fame to become the monarch’s wife. The males, who are usually skilled in archery, swordplay or other skills, will be recruited as warriors or knights.

Of course, one the few famous ones are Salome, a princess in Judea who danced the legendary “dance of the seven veils” which causes the death of John the Baptist (you can research it by yourself). Others are the Knights of the Round Table who proved themselves in various quests. Even the famous painter of Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci, is also considering as an artisan.

And that was few hundreds years ago, before the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and the other you-know historical stuff…


Artisans are regarded as the jobs which can bring entertainment and messages to the world. The best example in this case is Mr. Michel Jackson, who brings the world together with his songs. That’s one of the views as artisans.

Some, which are more negative, is as a way to earn quick money and fame as long as you know how to act, sing or dance.

Of course this depends on how you people think.

On my point of view, I support both.

To bring messages to the World.

As I said above, Michel Jackson’s song which bring messages are, of course, the Earth Song, Black and White, etc. etc. Movies such as Free Willy, The Day the Earth Stood Still and many more. Unfortunately, by looking in a larger scale, how many artisans’ product brings these messages?

This is when the Second kicks in.

A shortcut to earn quick money.

Who in this industry do not wish go to Hollywood, to win Oscars or to take a Grammy Award? In another word, who do not wish to be rich and famous?

Yes, you can sing and dance and act when you are young, in the prime of your youth. But how many of you are Michel Jackson? To perform since young to the day you die? When you reach a certain age, you’ll be too old, too weak to perform any longer. There’ll always be even younger generations will replace you.

Yes, you might be remembered. How long can it last? Let me remind you again, not everyone can be a King or Queen in this industry. One of the examples to this is the Cantonese singer/actor, 张国荣. When he died, everyone is crying and saying those ‘I’ll miss you…’, ‘What a loss…’ and other, what Mel will say, ‘sappy’ words. Now, you just go on the street and ask who the guy is, people will need to ‘dig’ their ‘memory vault’ to recall who he is. Some might even have forgotten him!

BUT, this is when I become an oxymoron.

Without this industry, the world will be very dull and too serious. No entertainment or, what I’ll say, no life.

The people, who are much more gifted in The Way of Art, will be lay to waste. They’ll waste their talent behind the desk of a receptionist or working as a laborer in the construction yard. Can you even imagine David Archuleta being a postman?! Joking! Joking!

In conclusion, THERE’S NO CONCLUSION! Lol!

Everyone has their own opinion and views. Therefore in my opinion, unless you are very sure that you can make a name and stay that way, I would advise anyone that read this to go for career which are more stable and have a constant income.

Yet, I did not ask you to let go your dreams. Make your talent a ‘sub-life’, a ‘sub-income’, instead of depending on it to make a living. Dreams are good. It’s good to have dreams. Without dreams, we would be quite clueless where to head for or what to achieve. =]