Monday, November 2, 2009

Exile 2.2

So my previous post is about the so called theory ‘your closest friends are your worst enemy’. Hope you are not too tired or bored to keep up with my posts. I apologize for not warning you about the length of my post. So now I’m telling you that this post won’t be any different than the previous one. Meaning it’ll be equally long (for sure), boring (maybe) and full of my opinions (as always).

So today’s topic is,

Artists, Actors, Singers, etc. etc., in another word artisans, are Impractical Dreams.

I do realize when type out the words above, a few people, whom I’ll not name, already got the urge to NOT to visit this blog anymore. Some of them are also my friends which I hold closest in heart. But I hope that You Guys (and girls) will not hasty decision yet. Hear what I have to say then make your choice.

Now let’s begin…

Artisans date way back into history where monarchs ‘hired’ these people gifted in, what I’ll say, The Way of Art to entertain them. ‘The Way of Art’ range for many fields, from Archery to Swordplay and Acrobatics to Poetry and the list just go on and on

Some of the female Gifted Ones, who are skilled in singing, dancing or other art, are rewarded with wealth and fame to become the monarch’s wife. The males, who are usually skilled in archery, swordplay or other skills, will be recruited as warriors or knights.

Of course, one the few famous ones are Salome, a princess in Judea who danced the legendary “dance of the seven veils” which causes the death of John the Baptist (you can research it by yourself). Others are the Knights of the Round Table who proved themselves in various quests. Even the famous painter of Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci, is also considering as an artisan.

And that was few hundreds years ago, before the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and the other you-know historical stuff…


Artisans are regarded as the jobs which can bring entertainment and messages to the world. The best example in this case is Mr. Michel Jackson, who brings the world together with his songs. That’s one of the views as artisans.

Some, which are more negative, is as a way to earn quick money and fame as long as you know how to act, sing or dance.

Of course this depends on how you people think.

On my point of view, I support both.

To bring messages to the World.

As I said above, Michel Jackson’s song which bring messages are, of course, the Earth Song, Black and White, etc. etc. Movies such as Free Willy, The Day the Earth Stood Still and many more. Unfortunately, by looking in a larger scale, how many artisans’ product brings these messages?

This is when the Second kicks in.

A shortcut to earn quick money.

Who in this industry do not wish go to Hollywood, to win Oscars or to take a Grammy Award? In another word, who do not wish to be rich and famous?

Yes, you can sing and dance and act when you are young, in the prime of your youth. But how many of you are Michel Jackson? To perform since young to the day you die? When you reach a certain age, you’ll be too old, too weak to perform any longer. There’ll always be even younger generations will replace you.

Yes, you might be remembered. How long can it last? Let me remind you again, not everyone can be a King or Queen in this industry. One of the examples to this is the Cantonese singer/actor, 张国荣. When he died, everyone is crying and saying those ‘I’ll miss you…’, ‘What a loss…’ and other, what Mel will say, ‘sappy’ words. Now, you just go on the street and ask who the guy is, people will need to ‘dig’ their ‘memory vault’ to recall who he is. Some might even have forgotten him!

BUT, this is when I become an oxymoron.

Without this industry, the world will be very dull and too serious. No entertainment or, what I’ll say, no life.

The people, who are much more gifted in The Way of Art, will be lay to waste. They’ll waste their talent behind the desk of a receptionist or working as a laborer in the construction yard. Can you even imagine David Archuleta being a postman?! Joking! Joking!

In conclusion, THERE’S NO CONCLUSION! Lol!

Everyone has their own opinion and views. Therefore in my opinion, unless you are very sure that you can make a name and stay that way, I would advise anyone that read this to go for career which are more stable and have a constant income.

Yet, I did not ask you to let go your dreams. Make your talent a ‘sub-life’, a ‘sub-income’, instead of depending on it to make a living. Dreams are good. It’s good to have dreams. Without dreams, we would be quite clueless where to head for or what to achieve. =]