Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When The Fates lead me on...

Have you ever felt that everything happened for a reason? Everything was fated? Written across the stars, only to be known by the people who understand their language. That was my day yesterday.

Yesterday I went to watch the movie 2012.

‘…disaster flick 2012 beat Disney’s A Christmas Carol to top box office…”
- The Star -

Don’t feel bad Mel but Jim Carrey can’t beat the forces of nature. My original plan was to go to JJ and then to LM. Well, I heard they are having sale at JJ. Anyway, Fate had assigned me another course. To LM back to Home and to LM again and back to Home again.

Weird? Confused? Here’s the whole story…

So I went to LM by public bus. The moment I stepped down from Rapid, the rain just came out of nowhere. It’s raining so heavily, it’s like the gods forgot to turn off their water tap!

At that moment I thought, maybe the Fates want me to finish my movie before I went to JJ. So after the movie blah, blah, blah, I went out from the Mall. Oh, I forgot something. When I’m killing time in LM waiting for the movie seating, Fates keep on ‘pulling’ my eyes on to an interesting item. For the records, I went into the shop for three times! The workers inside was staring at me. I bet they are wondering whether I’m there to nick their stuff. That particular item is a perfect Christmas gift for one of my special friends.

Now, back to the story. I went out from the Mall and waited at the bus stop. I said to myself. If The Fates assigned me to go to JJ, bus 65 or U411 will come; If The Fates hope that I go home, bus 62 or U46 will come.

After a while, it seems to me that The Fates wishes me to go home. Unfortunately, my guessing is wrong. Of all the time I took the bus, this time the bus didn’t turn into the housing area where I stay. Instead it went on and on until it’s time for the ‘bus exchange’. Well lucky me. I thought. It seems that I’m very lucky all right. When I’m walking back to my house, which is situated on a hill, in another housing area from the housing area the bus stops, the SAME bus that drop me, pick me up again. Well then, I thought, it seems to me, I’m fated to buy that item for that special friend of mine.

You might think this is far-fetch, but after I bought the item, the bus that took me home, another bus company, turns out to be the bus that turned into the housing area where I’m staying.

Creepy? Coincidence? Far-fetch? Bullshit? Or it’s really The Fates? You decide…