Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Julius Caesar Ep.7

Although it’s titled as Julius Caesar, but it’s consisting about everything they’ve done.

God, don’t start screaming and everything. Although I typed ‘everything they’ve done’, I don’t mean they’ve done a lot in these past few months. It’s just about, ermmm… how should I say this… maybe it can called as the nature of the actions? Never mind, you’ll get what I mean in the end. I hope. Lol.

Ok, ok, ok, actually there isn’t a lot, as far as I know, lol, but a few things which really interest me. =]

One of them is ‘civil war’! WAR! Hooray! Damn, I’m going crazy! Ok, you must be wondering what I mean by ‘civil war’ right? One for sure is, this is SOOO going to bored you out. Well I’ve been keeping a close eye on everything happening since the unexpected happened, BJ becoming the Head Prefect.

Well, one thing obvious, for me, is They are not happy! Lol. Why am I even so happy?! Well, the They I mean here is the students and his fellow colleagues. Ever since his ‘crowning’, most of the students quite agree that his Deputy, Fan of Manchester United, seem to be much more of a HP comparing to him. It’s because, I know it’s quite lame, BJ seem to be much more invisible comparing to the others. No offence here BJ! He seem become an ‘extinct animal’ for he doesn’t appear often in the hall during the, what I called, ‘mini assembly’.

His Deputy SEEMS to be doing all the jobs. But what’s the truth, who knows? BJ MIGHT be doing more than we see or vice versa.

His fellow colleagues have been the most ‘supporting and inspiring’ people I ever SEE. This is what I see, ok. God, their ‘row-call’, damn ‘motivational’. The best I’ve ever heard. Sarcastically. Their team work is SOOO ‘obvious’. Lol. Some try to make a ‘change’ while some try not getting themselves into the deepest shit. Nice. I now learn from them that you can actually have a meeting with just three members! Lol.

Maybe it’s not obvious or my to-far-thinking-misinterpretation, they are fighting among themselves. Well, it’s not like words with words or hands and legs, it’s much more of an influential war. Who has the most influence, wins. Who’s the person, in my opinion, no one more than No. 5 himself.

The next one will be their newly introduced ‘apprenticeship system’. Wow, they are going medieval!

If I’m not wrong, each Head of Group will choose a junior to be the Apprentice. The apprentice will directly learning from the Head themselves. Is it launched yet, alas, my knowledge fails me.

One thing for sure is, it MIGHT raise the feeling of prejudice. Yes, yes, the much more opened-minded juniors will congratulate the one got chosen while SOME will just say the Head will choose their favorite juniors OR the ones with a sweet tongue. Yippee, imagine that. The brilliant person who come up, the one and only---------- Julius Caesar! Applause

Hmmm… any other stuffs they ‘done’, which I did not mention, most probably I forgot about them. Yippee, them. Just one fair warning for any of Them who is reading this, I ALWAYS like to keep an eye on you guys. You guys have the most exciting Drama I ever watched. Maybe that’s why I like to talk, think and look at you people. Damn! I sound so like a stalker…